Sliced cooked meats

Our complete range of premium quality halal meats includes halal sliced and pre-packaged meats. The sliced cooked meats are also known as dilim. Simons Halal Food produces an extensive range of sliced cooked meats at its state-of-the-art production site in Roermond. Preparation is to our own recipe and using traditional methods. The halal dilim is made from either halal beef, halal chicken or halal turkey. The sliced cooked meats are available in various flavours and weights. Just as with our other halal meats, any meat product can be tailor-made to your requirements. The finely sliced meat is packaged in transparent foil.


We offer our halal dilim in the following flavours: beef dilim, beef and pepper dilim, beef and olive dilim, beef and pistachio dilim, chicken dilim, chicken and pepper dilim, chicken and olive dilim, chicken and pistachio dilim, turkey dilim and salami dilim. Each variant has its own characteristic flavour. All flavours can be ordered upon request.


Dilim is eaten as halal luncheon meat for breakfast and lunch, for example in a sandwich or bread roll. The sliced meats are not eaten hot.


Our sliced cooked meats are available in various weight units.