Hot dog sausages

The extensive range of halal meats at Simons Halal Food also includes halal frankfurters and hot dog sausages. Halal hot dog sauasages, also called sosis, are eaten in various countries. We prepare the halal sausage in the traditional method and to a unique recipe in our modern production site in Roermond. The sausage is traditionally smoked over beech wood. The hot dog sausage is made from halal minced beef, halal minced chicken or halal minced turkey and flavoured with a mix of spices. The sausages are available in various flavours and weights. Our halal hot dog sausage can also be tailor-made to your requirements. The sosis is either packed on a tray or vacuum-packed.


We offer our halal hot dog sausage the following variants: beef sosis, chicken sosis and turkey sosis. Each variant has its own characteristic flavour.


Our halal sosis can be eaten hot or cold. In the Turkish kitchen, sosis of mainly eaten at breakfast and lunch, for example in a bread roll. This tasty sausage is also a great snack.


Hot dog sausage is available in various weight units.