Our vision


Simons Halal Food supplies premium quality halal meats. The halal products we produce undergo daily checks on taste, texture, smell andsoforth. In addition, we always check our production processes in line with halal rules. In order to further safeguard and guarantee the quality of our halal meats, we maintain strict hygiene rules and ensure that food safety of our halal meat products is our first priority. This is true for the production process, but also during worldwide transportation of our products. For example, all transport of our products outside of Europe are subject to veterinary inspections by the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority. We work with certified carriers.


Islam places a lot of importance on sustainability. For this reason, we feel it is important to have a respectful attitude towards nature and the environment. It is also the reason that sustainability is an important priority at Simons. For example, we make responsible choices when sourcing our packaging and the global transportation of our halal meats.

Animal welfare

Animal welfare and the Islam go hand in hand. After all, the Koran states that Allah has entrusted the care and welfare of animals to humans and that man therefore has to treat animals fairly. Simons Halal Food is also mindful of animal welfare. We only work with suppliers that are under strict supervision of globally recognised and respected halal inspection authorities. They check that our suppliers operate in accordance with Islamic guidelines, including those related to animal welfare and halal slaughter.


Simons Halal Food is a genuine family business that highly values and promotes quality, service and personal contact. We are always available to our customers, by telephone or digital methods. In addition, we would be pleased to arrange a personal appointment for tailor-made advice. Most halal products are available very quickly. This includes the brands Souk Orient, Kümes and Hayat as well as the private labels. It is no surprise that Simons has built up a large and loyal group of customers who purchase our premium quality halal meats. If you would like to find out more about our products or the way we work, please contact us