About Simons

Our belief

We have been producing high-quality premium halal meats for more than 40 years with conviction and enthusiasm. Simons Halal Food supplies a comprehensive range of halal meats and is a very committed and reliable partner to its customers.


Simons Halal Food was established in 1976 by the Simons family. The company started small-scale production of halal meat in 1994. As the demand for halal meats continued to grow, Simons started to concentrate exclusively on the production of halal meats in 1997. The former location became too small to meet the growing demand, so the company moved to larger premises that same year.

Simons Halal Food experienced enormous growth in the years that followed. Sales of halal meats continued to grow and an even larger production site was necessary. And so it occurred: in 2008, Simons moved to its current state-of-the-art premises in Roermond. Over the following years, Simons Halal Food grew into one of the key producers of halal meats in Europe. The modern production site, where only halal meat products are produced, is even among one of the largest and most up to date in Europe. Simons supplies many types of halal meats to importers, distributors and wholesale companies across the world. The customers are based in Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and Asia.

Despite the company’s growth and even after more than 40 years, Simons Halal Food is still a genuine family business that highly values and promotes quality, service, flexibility, continuity and personal contact. It is no surprise that Simons has built up a large and loyal group of customers around the world who purchase our premium quality halal luncheon meathalal hot dog sausageshalal garlic sausagehalal sliced cooked meats and premium halal meats.