What is halal?

According to Islam, muslims must only eat halal food. The literal meaning of the word halal in Arabic is: permitted, rightful and clean. Halal is a nutritional guideline with clear religious requirements. The Islamic guidelines are based on the Koran (the holy book of the muslims), the Sunnah (the tradition and way of life of the prophet Mohammed) and the Islamic jurisdiction of recognised scholars. According to the Islamic viewpoint, everything that is halal is good for humans, animals, society and the environment.

Halal meat

Whether food is halal is determined by its origin, the method of slaughter and preparation. Halal meat is meat from a limited number of permitted animals, that have been ritually slaughtered in accordance with Islamic regulations. For example, animals must face Mekka during halal slaughter and the slaughterer will utter the words Bismillah, Allahu Akbar (in the name of God, God is the Greatest). Clean animals are cows, cattle, calves, sheep, goats and poultry. Fish is also halal.

Halal inspection

In order to safeguard and guarantee the quality and halal guidelines/dignities of our halal products, our company and our suppliers are audited and certified regularly by authorised and Islamic halal organisations. They assess whether our meat products have been produced in accordance with the relevant halal guidelines. Organisations that inspect our organisation and products:

  • Halal Quality Control
  • Halal Europe

Halal certification

Simons Halal Food possesses all relevant halal certificates, including from the Islamic Authority (Jakim standard) in Malasia.